2021 Honda CRV Redesign
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The Upcoming 2021 Honda CRV Redesign

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Launched for the first time in 1995, Honda CRV has had four generations until today. The latest model that is on the market today was manufactured in 2012. And apparently the fifth generation will be released in 2021.

It is thought that there will be a lot of changes for the newest generation of the crossover. The latest crossover will be presented in new look and equipped with more sophisticated technology. But, the biggest innovation should be on its size.

It is expected that the 2021 Honda CRV Redesign will show up in larger size so that the three will be more vacant space to use in the car.

2021 Honda CRV Specs
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The Engine Performance

Though no one is positive about the manufacture of the crossover new generation, it is thought that the machine that will be put in is exactly like the one put in the less big HR-V model.

It is 1,6 litter of diesel power which parallel with 118 horses power and 4-cylinder 1,5 litter gasoline machine (comprises for 130 horses power) with turbocharger technology and VTEC. The power may reach 190 PS at 5.600 rpm and the peak torsion 240 Nm is available at range of 2.000 – 5.000 rpm.

To support its performance and comfort, multi-link back suspension and wheels size 18 are available. Besides the two main machines, new model with additional variation could be added, but the specification is still unidentified.

The interior and exterior design

The new generation of CRV which is thought to be released in 2021 will have totally different design from the proceeded model. The crossover will show up in a new platform along with its better features this time.

The transformation will apply the term of company’s new design which the details is still unpublished by Honda. The transformation in the body is thought that it is going to be more or less similar to its cousin, HR-V model, which has less big size.

But the biggest transformation on the new generation of crossover this time is going to be on its size. The 2021 CRV is predicted that it may show up with three rows seats which can accommodate up to seven passengers and provide more space.

Additional features like parking brake and electric seats will give comfort for the users. These transformations are expected to make the new model have a high class look.

There some reports which saying the current model of CRV is the competitor for premium model such as, Land Rover Discovery Sport or Volvo XC60. However, it is actually quite possible that the main reason is just to expand the crossover range.

As you know, the company has also launched a new model, a smaller HR-V. So, by doing such transformation, Honda seems to give more chances for the new comer to be accepted in the market.

2021 Honda CRV Interior
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Release Date and Price

The crossover has had four models since 1995 up to now. It means that each generation took less than a decade to transform into the new one.

Based on the calculation, it is predicted that Honda will release the new generation of CRV in 2021 for its current available model was manufactured in 2012. Tough it can be predicted that the new CRV will be released in 2021; the exact date is still unknown.

The current price of CRV is range from IDR 463 million to IDR 513 IDR with some vary of ups and downs based on many factors such as time, location, market demand, etc. For the 2021 Honda CRV Redesign, Honda hasn’t given the official detail release information.