2021 Ferrari 458 Italia
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2021 Ferrari 458 Italia

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The Anticipated New Model of 2021 Ferrari 458 Italia – Ferrari 458 is a sport car performed with middle class machine built by a famous sports car company from Italia, Ferrari. 458 series as built to enhance its predecessor, 430, and officially introduced by the company in 2009.

Though it was announced as the successor of its kinship, F430, Ferrari 458 emerges in complete different performance. It shows with the combination of technology and the experience of the experts of the company.

When 2021 Ferrari 458 Italia is predicted to be launched soon by Ferrari, the marketers are speculating how it is going to be like. Many speculations emerge upon the knowledge of the present condition of 458 series today.

So, here is what you can learn about 458 series which available on the market today. And it might be the reference of the upcoming new model

2021 Ferrari 458 Italia Specs
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The Engine Performance

This 458 series is powered by 4.49 cc (4.5 liter; 274.4 cu in) from the kinship machine of Ferrari Maserati F136 V8. It can produce power up to 570 PS (419 kW, or equals to 562 hose powers) at 9.000 rpm and 540 Nm (398 lb.ft) torsion at 6.000 rpm, with eighty percent of torque is available at 3.250 rpm.

This machine has a direct-injection system, which is it is the first time for Ferrari to set such system into its road-car.

Moreover, the Ferrari 458 also applies some modern technologies like double-clutch and paddle shift transmission. The only transmission owned by the Ferrari 458 is Get rag gearbox with 7 transmissions. There is no manual transmission offered in this car. And this is the main prime model which doesn’t provide you with manual transmission.

The 458 series also use F1 traction control and E-diff to keep the balance of the vehicle on the turning movement when the car runs at high speed.

The representative acceleration 0-100 km of Ferrari 458 series is 3.4 seconds. The peak speed is 325 km/hour (202 mph).

The Concept Design

The interior design of Ferrari 458 is entrusted to Bertrand Rapatel who acts as the Director of Ferrari Interior Design. The spreading rumors said that Michael Schumacher was involved in the project of 458 series development of its performance.

It is known that the interior design of the car was designed based on former Formula Ferrari 1 driver, Michael Schumacher; including the new design of steering wheel that combine many sophisticated features that makes it look like other sports race car.

Meanwhile, the exterior style and features was designed for the aerodynamic efficiency. Ultimately, the front grille can show winglet that can be deformed into lower position when the car runs at high speed, to produce less drag.

The English automobile magazine Autocar said that the design of Ferrari 458 series has drawn an inspiration from its older cousin, Enzo Ferrari and the concept of Millechili. It is designed to a car with sports engine of V8 which would be the most sport car of all Ferrari series.

2021 Ferrari 458 Italia Interior
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Release Date and Price

Since the issued has not been proven yet, and still there’s no official announcement from Ferrari itself about 2021 Ferrari 458 Italia production and lunching, what’s show up in any media is merely prediction.

Supposed the rumors are getting closer to the truth, it possible for the Ferrari to start the production of 458 series in the mid 2020 or at the beginning of 2021 itself.

The adjustments, modifications and some developments in some aspects will be considered quite costly for a sports car like Ferrari, so that value of IDR 10 billion or more for w new Ferrari will be the lowest price estimation of the vehicle.